About us

The engineering — commercial center «Raritet» has been founded in 1989 for the fulfillment of operations on complex technical reequipment of museums, show rooms, libraries and other establishments of culture. The idea of making of the center belonged to the State Russian Museum, which was one of its founders.

Using saved for twelve years of operation experience and technological possibilities, «Raritet» successfully realizes projects of any complexity — from simple equipment of organizations by the necessary equipment and special furniture to development, manufacturing and installation of all-level systems for a storage and exhibition of patterns, icons, books, coins, etc., requiring the highly professional approach with use of the modern methods of computer designing.

«Raritet» has natural production facilities for manufacturing showcases, shelvings, stands, etc. both from metal and from valuable soils of lumber. The enterprise saves a wide experience on complex reequipment of restoration workshops by the newest gears and instruments, including in-house fabrication. All equipment is produced according to the UNESCO, ICOM, European and Russian quality standards.

Today «Raritet» closely cooperates to the largest museums of Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other regions of country. Partner of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Organization has a head office, design office and industrial grounds in Saint Petersburg, representation in Finland, Russia (Moscow), Byelorussia (Minsk).